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Work With Us

Learning works best when both teachers and pupils feel fulfilled, and we look to support both in every way possible. Importantly, we undertake various initial checks to ensure the safety of the tutor in the learning setting, as we value both yours and the pupil’s safety above all else.

Mandatory training is provided to all TCES Home Learning staff, including but not limited to modules on safeguarding and risk assessments.

Before identifying an appropriate tutor for a child or young person, TCES Home Learning undertakes preliminary checks, assisted by the relevant local authority, so that we can ensure the safety of any individual present within the learning environment, whether that be a public space or pupil’s home. Our dedicated social workers are also able to provide guidance and support in assessing specific circumstances. 

In cases where face-to-face lessons are provided, risk assessments are to be undertaken by the tutor unless agreed otherwise before lessons can begin. If the assessor deems any risk too great to proceed then TCES Home Learning will offer support to mitigate this risk, or alternatively lessons will be conducted remotely.

All our tutors are employed on a variable hour’s basis, as we cannot guarantee the longevity of assignments.