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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TCES Home Learning different to other outreach services? 

We are not a tutoring service. We seek to provide a full-curriculum experience through home learning, and help pupils to benefit from the same level of academic, therapeutic and wellbeing support as they would in school. We also provide social interaction opportunities online and through the TCES Group community. 

Which therapeutic strategies can you provide? 

Relationship mentoring, psychotherapy, creative arts therapies (including drama, music, and art therapy), play therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy can all be provided, depending on the the level of support requested. 

Can you provide IT support? 

Yes. We can provide technical support for distance learners, where necessary, as well as IT equipment if this facilitates learning where this would otherwise not be possible. 

How do we support parents and carers? 

Regular group sessions for parents/carers, as well as one-to-one support where required; regular planning, engagement, and behaviour reports can be provided, and a dedicated support team are available throughout the week.